Ljubica Stefanovic, President
Contact:  352-326-8381
Email: efuelefn@yahoo.com
Stock symbol “EFLN”



Since our company’s inception in 1991, our corporate philosophy has been one of maintaining a strong financial position and ethical reputation, which has resulted in a steady growth.  We possess the patience, determination and persistence to thrive in an expanding global economy.

Our management approach is one of long-term stability.  We are building eFUEL to prosper as a strong and enduring company.  Our plans are postured to expand our firm at a steady pace and develop our brand while remaining on firm financial ground.

We are gradually moving assets, increasing our cash reserves and growing our investor base.   As eFUEL expands its business state by state, we will create new jobs and new opportunities.  It is our goal to become a nationally recognized company, erected on a solid foundation.

Ljubica Stefanovic
President, eFUEL EFN


1212 S. Maine Street Sit. B
Wildwood, Florida 34785 USA


In January of 1991, the Stefanovic family founded the company, Euro-American Financial Network (EAFN). Highly motivated to acquire assets, generate cash and build a substantial privately held company, over the next 18 years, EAFN accumulated a large portfolio, both in retail and commercial properties.

On January 19, 2011, Euro-American Financial Network, Inc. purchased a controlling interesting in eFUEL Corporation.  The impetus in owning a publicly traded company was to attract investors, enhance access to the market and establish a platform, enabling eFUEL to raise money and build a significant holding company.

eFUEL comprises of Five Divisions:

  1. Construction
  2. Investment
  3. Real Estate
  4. Retail
  5. Solar and Wind Energy

Each division will represent a thriving, on-going profit center.  The continued goal of eFUEL’s management is the advancement of its business operations to meet the demands of an emergent global marketplace.  

Ljubica Stefanovic, President of eFUEL, anticipates that “each division will be self-supporting, generating cash to maintain and expand its operations”.

As of January 2014, EAFN has placed $17 million in asset into eFUEL, assets with a net cash value of approximately $400,000. This infusion enables eFUEL to move aggressively, purchasing additional assets, engage in new product development, implement distribution agreements, expand its retail holdings, and acquire new real estate holdings: i.e., shopping malls, hotels, apartment buildings, and condominium developments.  At the same time, EAFN will place millions of dollars of new, positive cash flow assets into eFUEL.   

We have concluded a thorough analysis of US and global markets.  We have mechanisms in place and a strategy to broaden our holdings. Our present and anticipated asset placements are poised to meet the demands of the marketplace. Consequently, we are confident that we will succeed in achieving eFUEL’s Ten Year Projection of assets totaling $1 billion.