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Future Mall Projects


Construction planning is a fundamental and challenging activity in the management and execution of construction projects. EFLN will incorporate new technologies in its projects to maximize resources and increase project profitability.  Solar and wind power, recycled materials and other energy-efficient and space-saving enhancements will augment the viability of each property.

The Cherokee Trading Malls are new, dual-use facilities of hotel and retail projects slated for construction in Florida, Georgia Indiana and Ohio.  Each of these locations will combine a luxury hotel, including penthouse suites, guest suites and a concourse to the retail shopping and restaurants. Anticipated completion date of all four projects is 2016  

"Energy conservation, alternative energies and groundbreaking spaces" is the theme of these properties. Our goal is to provide as much alternative energy as possible and to install the most current and energy-efficient systems in our cutting-edge hotel and retail spaces for all to enjoy.

Projected Income for all four properties will be $31,896.000, with Expenses estimated at $14,096.000, yielding a Total Net Income of $17,692.000.

In addition to The Cherokee Trading Malls, EFLN acquired four tracts of commercially zoned real estate located in City of Wilcox County, Georgia.  Our firm plans to build 160 condominium apartments on each tract of land.

Stock Symbol - EFLN