Ljubica Stefanovic, President
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All future eFUEL projects will employ energy-saving technology, to capitalize on our resources and augment project viability. Solar and wind power, recycled materials and other energy-efficient developments strengthen our profitability.


Today's solar photovoltaic power systems are light years ahead of those early designs and haphazard setups. The most modern systems use a method of sun exposure to generate electricity via semiconductors. Simple, direct exposure to the sun and its heat generate electrons are then captured into the system and translated into electricity. The design can be used for a variety of things, as small as powering a mobile phone to as large a system as needed to power your home and business.


Wind energy had been overlooked as a potential alternative energy source for too long.  Wind energy is a form of solar energy, and therefore, is renewable. Wind does not need to be produced (unlike energy sources like ethanol) so there will always be a constant supply of it.  Although wind farms require significant amounts of capital to set up, after the initial investment and startup costs, wind energy it is one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation to maintain.

Solar and wind power installations will become less expense and more efficient.  New devices utilizing solar and wind energy are expanding each day.  Cars, phone charges, air conditioners, water pumps, generators, housing, industrial, shopping centers, farms, local towns, states, federal government lands and buildings are among the mechanisms operating with solar or wind energy.  

Stock Symbol - EFLN